Meet Sue Fitzpatrick

Sue Fitzpatrick

Sue Fitzpatrick has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years with various roles and responsibilities making a significant impact on the lives of her clients. With her natural inclination towards helping others, her insurance journey began when she joined BCBS of Indiana and Anthem BCBS of Ohio for 19 years. She started by sorting mail to ending as a client service representative for the self-insured market with clients in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Upon deciding to relocate to Myrtle Beach with her husband in 1999, Sue joined Coastal Cancer Center starting out in insurance billing and being promoted to Location Supervisor. She then decided to move on to get her P&C as well as LA&H in 2008 which led her to co-owning Benefit Insurance Services.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sue finds great joy in her personal life and has been happily married to Charles Fitzpatrick for 37 years. Sue is the proud mom to three boys and a step-daughter, which has led to having 17 wonderful grandchildren. Her hobbies include crocheting, cooking, and swimming in her free time when she is away from the office.

Sue’s journey in the insurance industry has been marked by expertise, dedication, and a genuine commitment to helping others. Through her professional endeavors and personal values, she has made a positive impact on countless lives, leaving a lasting legacy of kindness, integrity and exceptional service.