Pharmacy Savings Card


Save up to 80% on your prescriptions with SingleCare!

Just show one of these cards to the pharmacist next time you fill a prescription.

Download Card

This SingleCare pharmacy savings card entitles you to up 80% off 10,000+ prescription medications. The card is pre-activated and ready for immediate use at any participating pharmacy nationwide.

SingleCare cards work whether you have health insurance or not, and our prices often beat insurance cost-share. A typical person that regularly fills prescriptions saves an average of $37 a script and hundreds of dollars per year.

Using SingleCare is easy: just show our card to the pharmacist when you fill your next prescription. Savings are automatically applied at checkout.

Keep one card for yourself and share the QR code with a friend or family member so they can get their digital card!

SingleCare is not insurance. There are no claim forms, deductibles, limitations, or maximums. SingleCare can be used by anyone. No one is excluded from this program for any reason.